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Naari is a company that develops and invests in social enterprises and social entrepreneurs. We invest our available and best fit resources to drive what is important to you so you can be your best.

Our History

Founded in 2015, Naari began when co-founders wanted to make a difference. Influenced by the various innovative, resilient and adaptive humans of the world brave enough to take a chance and chase the dream of making the lives in our community a little bit better.

Taking inspiration from activists like Angela Davis, leading the Black Panthers, to entertainers like The Artist Formerly Known As Prince who pushed gender boundaries, and even Disney cartoons like Mulan that empowered little girls. Like them, we love creating opportunities to inspire, challenge and empower. Coming from global corporate companies in the banking and manufacturing industries we see the advantage of using business and symbiotic partnerships as change agents to drive environmental, social and humanitarian benefits. We understand that global networks of like-minded people are a powerful force. Utilising our work and life experience we want to band together with others that believe in our philosophy to achieve beautiful things.

O U R    T E A M

Liya DongCo-founder
Remember to have fun!

We can all overcome our barriers, personal, perceived or real.

Varenya AguruCo-founder
Find the positives!

Show fairness and respect to yourself and encourage it in the world around us.

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing the seed of an idea bloom into a project that benefits so many lives and gives back to the environment.