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About Naari

Naari is a company that develops and invests in social enterprises and social entrepreneurs.

Our Mission and Vision

Naari sees the future world as a world where every business, commodity or service acts with a philosophy to be environmentally conscious, socially conscious, sustainable and humanitarian. We develop and invest in social enterprises and social entrepreneurs whom align with our vision and philosophy by building or funding startups, coaching &advising social entrepreneurs, or by running or participating in community events.

Our Philosophy

Humanitarian – Every human deserves access to the basic human rights, respect, dignity, love, freedom.

Sustainable – Our actions no matter how big or how small have an impact on our environment. We are consciously working towards changing our actions to account for the environment and our futures.

Environmentally Conscious – The Earth is all we have – there are 700 quintillion planets in the universe and only 1 like Earth. It’s our responsibility to take care of it.

Socially Conscious – We as a human race are still learning about what it is to be human. The delicate balance of equality is an equation we are still trying to compute.

Contact Us

If you’d like more information about who we are or how we can work together please drop us an email via, we’d love to hear from you!